Participation TV

Our group of companies will seamlessly provide turn-key Networks for all kinds of Participation or Reality TV, Text or Call-in applications. Whether it’s a simple "Vote" or bridging live callers into a show to participate we can provide real-time voting results Maybe it’s a charity where we can provide real time fundraising totals for your cause. The advantage is you — the TV Networks — can offer this as a service and revenue producer for your customers who are producing the shows airing in your territory. The real advantage is you will be distributing the revenues instead of revenues being distributed for you. We will handle your settlements for you as the source of distribution to your media partner(s) as required.

We provide comprehensive and tailor customer made solutions for show call counts and associated analytics. The in show counts can be fed to a monitor for the Producer to signal the hosts to such actions as:

• Ask for more calls (“pump”).
• Countdown the game to bridge the next caller to the studio.
• Increase the prize level while in game.
• Wait for the volume of call to start to subside etc.

We have developed innovative, simple yet effective graphical user interfaces and a link to participation tv widget to provide real time actions to start shows, select participants and winners and to end a given show. To see a typical example of a GreyWolf user interface click here.

GreyWolf can also provide you with real time access to our call reporting and analytics tool to allow for proactive actions based on call trends Click here to see a representative sample of a live TV Call Volume Chart.

TV voting is a key component for broadcasters to allow active and recurring participation for their viewers. It promoted interaction and promotes audience retention. There are imperative elements to any TV voting campaign which only an experienced player like GreyWolf can provide:

• Mass call platforms
• Call processing capacity
• Targeted promotion
• Real time interfaces from traffic to production
• Reliable reporting in real time
• Fixed, mobile and internet voting options
• Billing and settlement services
• Comprehensive carrier coverage
• Multilingual customer support