On October 26, 2007 GreyWolf acquired Triton Global Business Services inc. and Fastrack Global Billing Networks Inc. The purpose of the acquisitions was to create a world class combination of niche market companies to be able to dominate in the global arena for Multi Media network requirements. This powerful consumer acquisition group enables companies to enter new markets aggressively and revive mature markets by providing turn-key solutions to convert consumers into customers.

The GreyWolf company through it;s affiliations has the ability to provide turnkey full commercial production for Reality TV Television and or the “Voting“ networks that are required for these shows from landline and mobile consumers with unparalleled reporting.

The Triton group is a North American clearinghouse that is able to provide billing and networks to land charges onto anyones home phone bill in North America and over 40 other countries around the world. It is able to provide transparency into all customer transaction data from multiple sources including Print, Web, Television and Radio. Triton has been listed in the top 300 Technology companies from Canada several times.

The Fastrack Group is a National Inter Exchange Carrier in Canada with networks in the U.S. as well as mobile networks in both countries creating the ability to provide networks to it's switch centers and intelligently route consumer traffic to optimized billing or response solutions. Recently Fastrack expanded it's IXC network in Canada to provide turn-key “Reality TV“ solutions. The network was designed to handle Mass Calling for short or long periods of time utilizing its own backbone across the nation, coast to coast and very robust Standard Internet Protocol (SIP) Networks to be able to transport traffic anywhere in the world.

The Express-Connect group is a specialized marketing group who can acquire media and consumers for Multi Media Corporations. Whether you need to acquire “eyeballs from the web" with our web arbitrage services or simply buy Television time - we are set up to provide these services and build custom web solutions to effectively convert the consumer based on intelligent routing from our multimedia platforms. This allows us to maximize the conversion rates for our customers by offering multiple billing options, bringing returns back to levels from the “good old days”.

The GreyWolf Group will provide, build or customize a solution for your companies in order for you to increase your revenues without cannibilizing your current returns. Call Today for a demo.. Look out for our Express-Connect online widgets and our new Charity platform.